tisdag 27 januari 2009

Icehotel SL

Icehotel in SL is a top experience in Second Life.
We (Ewa Aska & Jesper Prinz) have tried hard to create inspiring and unique experiences with the RL Icehotel as base combined with the limitless possibilities of Second Life.

Cold or warm accommodation at Icehotel in SL
Staying at Icehotel in SL is a must for the true SL explorer, an experience totally unlike other SL hotel stays. Dress in warm thermal underwear, put on a hat and slip into the cozy sleeping bag. Share the whole surrealistic icenight with a special avatar. And let it be a night you will never forget:)

At Icehotel in SL you can choose between several different types of accommodation.

You can also chose one of our warm accommodation.
Take a trip to our different cottages from here:
English Cottage
American Cottage
Swedish Cottage

The Ice hotel SL is a place where you can rent a beautiful cottage and live in a peaceful and private settings. You can also hire one of our rooms at the the hotel. We have tried to create a community where you can unwind and feel safe and comfortable.

You get to live in the cottage or the hotel room that you have rented and consider it your own private place. We will lock your doors and do our best to ensure your privacy and comfort.

You may use the public spaces on the land such as trekking routes for own enjoyment and the enjoyment of your guests.

The cottages are furnished including a very expensive SexGen animated bed. The rooms are furnished with beds built by Jesper Prinz.
Icechurch SL

The need to show respect, to focus on one’s own thoughts and reflect on the nature of things is a feeling you get from an encounter with Icehotel SL . Many pieces of life’s puzzle seem to fall into place here, in the Icechurch SL. Couples from all SL come to Icechurch SL to pledge eternal fidelity to each other.

The hotel and the church is built by Ewa Aska

IceTheatre SL
SLs coldest event arena! In this arena SL´s finest artists will entertain the our guests, our group members and other residents. This awesom build is created by Cur Waydelich

Icehotel ballroom
In this ballroom, built by Onlythesoul Tempel, are clubevents, ball nights and concerts held. The building is spherical with a ceiling mirroring the northern lights.

Arts and design of the Icehotel SL

Even an avatar can get a cold! So you better prepare yourself visiting the cold areas of Northern Sweden by buying some warm and proper outdoor Scandinavian clothes in the shopping and art street built by Jesper Prinz and Ewa Aska.

The shops is imitating real life windbreaks used by fishermen in the northern part of Scandinavia.

Here you can also watch or buy arts from SL finest artists.

Trekking in Kebnekaise
You can also explore Kebnekaise (the highest mountain in the Nordics) by taking the trekking route up the mountain. There is several windbreaks and arctic tens along the route. But beware of the wild Nordic animals!

Get to the ICEHOTEL SL by clicking here!

Hearty Welcome!

Ewa Aska & Jesper Prinz